Around Dutchland, April, 2006

by Penny Pyrbred

Penny is back after an extended vacation in Arizona. She has been having a wonderful time exploring the desert Southwest and has been wined and dined by some hunky Arizona Pyrs. She even had her picture printed in the AZPyrations newsletter as she welcomed in 2005 with her new friends. Those desert Pyrs sure can dance!

But Penny is a party animal at heart, and in 2006 the Pyr Party of the year is being planned right here in Pennsylvania, so Penny came back to check it out. If you are a Penn-Dutch Pyr, beg, wheedle or drag your humans down to the Host Conference Center (across Rt. 30 from Dutch Wonderland) April 26-30 for the party of your lifetime! Sunday will be especially interesting, as Penn-Dutch is having its first independent specialty (just us Pyrs) and has invited a French judge who can properly appreciate our beauty.

Bonnie and Merlin take Judy Skorup to the
Doylestown Halloween Parade.

As much fun as Penny had in Arizona, she missed some wonderful events here in PA. She heard a lot about the goings on in Penn-Dutch from her friend, Bonnie Skorup. Did Judy have ANY idea of how easy she was making it for her Pyrs to get on-line when she installed that WiFi network?

Apparently the Fall Walk-in-the-Woods was just perfect for us Pyrs, even if the humans found it a bit on the chilly side. It was great that Po brought the Garagusos along for the outing.

Lorraine, Po and Al Garaguso enjoy Fall Walk.

It seems to Penny that the biggest news from Dutchland since she has been away is the separation of Rescue as a non-profit corporation. Penny welcomes our new little sister, East Penn Pyr Rescue, and anticipates close cooperation, with EPPR helping Pyrs in need while Penn-Dutch educates the public so there won't be as much need for the services of Rescue.

Since Penny has been away Penn-Dutch has said goodbye to many wonderful Pyrs. The Powells lost Bolder, the Ports lost Miller, the Bechtels lost Octavia, Joe Bezotsky lost Merlin, the Gottesmans lost Winston, the Heffelfingers lost Oakie, Connie Kroboth lost Pooh Bear, the Migases lost Gunner, Greta Osterman lost Little Pearl and the Wilders lost Blizzard. Many of these families have found new Pyrs to supervise their lives, however you never replace a Pyr and all of these families have Penny's deepest sympathy on their losses.

Penny has also heard that Dianne Skorup is under the weather and wishes her a speedy recovery. Congratulations to Merlin Skorup, CD and sister Bonnie who is closing in on a Rally Obedience title.

Penny hopes to see everyone at the National!

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