Around Dutchland, July, 2006

by Penny Pyrbred

In April Penn-Dutch threw a magnificent National Specialty for the Pyrs and people of the Great Pyrenees Club of America. For those new to this journal, the highlight of a National Specialty for the Pyrs is the Pyrenean Ball, held at a secret location in the show hotel while the people attend the Awards Banquet. This year the people surprised us by keeping the Auction short, and some Pyrs were even caught trying to latch their crates from the inside (no easy task without opposable thumbs).

Pyrs and people all enjoy the GPCA National.

In addition to the show and the parties, the National included a Rescue Parade featuring nearly 30 participants including Penn-Dutch Pyrs: Kane Gottesman, Po Garaguso, Rocky Gress, Buddy O'Connor, Abigail Kintsfather, Teddy Simms, Jake Choffel and Isabella Heffelfinger.

Penn-Dutchies Stephanie Whitney and Betsy Gartland organized Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International tests for Pyrs attending the National. Penn- Dutch Pyrs Bonnie Skorup, Billy Budd Gill, Po Garaguso and Flurry Whitney all passed the tests and Penny congratulates these new Good Citizen Therapists.

Judy (L) and Bonnie Skorup, pass CGC and TDI tests.

All in all the 2006 National was a blast and Penny looks forward to the 2007 event hosted by the Arizona Pyrs (known to be real party animals).

While Penny has long held the opinion that trees should be confined to pots in the lobbies of 5 star hotels, she is reluctantly willing to admit that there are attractions to an al fresco party. Unfortunately she had planned to ride to the Spring Walk with Abigail Kintsfather, who was unable to attend due to some DIY suture removal.

From all accounts a wonderful time was had by all, however, some Pyrs were reluctant to reveal details. Apparently what happens at Lake Nockamixon stays at Lake Nockamixon.

Just around the corner is the social event of the summer, the Pyrenean Fun Day, to be held at Evansburg State Park on July 22nd. Penny understands that the humans are planning a grooming competition. This should be fun, but Penny will keep her standing appointment with her professional stylist.

October will bring the Fall Walk including a carting demonstration. Penny just loves seeing macho canines working out!

See you soon.

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