Around Dutchland, February, 2007

by Penny Pyrbred

After a disappointingly warm January, winter has finally arrived in Dutchland and Penny is sure many Pyrs are enjoying the snowy landscape and refreshing wind. Humans, however, may not be as thrilled with the below zero wind chills we Pyrs sometimes force them to tolerate as we patrol our neighborhoods.

Unfortunately Penny missed the mid-winter social event, the Canine Learning Experience. She understands, however, that Penn-Dutch Pyrs strutted their stuff and educated the public about the wonders of our breed. Kudos to Fred Unger for organizing this event at the last minute. Karl Edinger, who has presided at this event for a number of years, passed away in December, but the Pyrs said he was there in spirit.

Vinny, Ben and Pam O'Connor work the crowd
at the 2007 Canine Learning Experience.

Roz and John Wenrich were featured in the Reading Eagle with their canine pack, honoring Roz' essay for National Marriage Week. Way to go, Roz, and thanks for including us dogs in this Valentine's Day love story.

Karl and Lillie Edinger at a long ago
Canine Learning Experience.

On a sadder note, we say goodbye to two noble Penn-Dutch Pyrs. The Manwillers lost Woody and the Huggards lost Barney. Woody has been a fixture at many Penn-Dutch events, known for his technique of leaning against unsuspecting humans, looking up with an invitation to pet.

Barney lived in Florida, but won the heart of Clondike Kintsfather at the 1997 National Specialty, and made several trips to PA to visit her. Though she had many beaus, Barney Babe was always Clondike's special love!

Barney Babe dreaming of Clondike in happier times.

Penny understands that Nancy Coombs is under the weather and wishes her a speedy recovery.

While it is a human-only event, Penny hopes all the Penn-Dutch Pyrs will encourage their humans to attend the Annual Meeting and help plan lots of fun activities for us Pyrs in the coming year.

See you soon!

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