Around Dutchland, February 1998

by Penny Pyrbred

As usual, the Penn-Dutch booth at the Canine Learning Experience was a big hit. Thirty members and 18 Pyrs helped staff the booth and introduce our breed to the public. Karl Edinger did a wonderful job of coordinating everything and we Pyrs really did the old soft sell.

Clondike Kintsfather and Gunner Migas patroled the grounds to keep all the other canines in line (see cover photo). Brutus Gress, Klondike Setlock, Chelsea and Tris Unger, Woody Manwiller, B.B. Bowes, Big Pearl and Little Pearl Bechtel, Abbie Edwards, Gidget Simon and the famous Blizzard Bankowski were among those present (click here for photos).

On a sad note, we mark the passing of B.B. Bowes (Balibasque Baby Boom). While Clondike Kintsfather had taken exception to B.B.'s performance in the ring at past Fun Matches, B.B. was a sweet girl who will be missed by people and Pyrs alike. Her presence at the Canine Learning Experience was appreciated and we have that good day as our last memory of her.

Clondike had quite a Christmas. Her Barney Babe in Florida sent her Lady Barkiva doggy faux chocolates and her folks got an oil painting by Penn-Dutchie, Kim Meyer Salerno. She's beginning to get a swelled head because her story, "Clonderella and the Evil Stepbitches," has been published in the Norwegian Pyrenees Club newsletter and is in the process of being published in Australia and Sweden.

Clondike would probably have no trouble getting press credentials for the Westminster Kennel Club show, but Penny was turned down merely on the grounds that she is of the canine persuasion. Species discrimination is rampant! In any case, she managed to get in under general admission and watched the judging with Janet Ingram and Joan Ziehl (a Pyr owner from NY and soon-to-be Penn-Dutchie). By acting as if she were being "handled" by Joan (think about this the next time you assume YOU are walking your Pyr), Penny was able to visit the grooming and benching areas and congratulate the winner, Supreme (CH Rivergroves You Be the Judge). What a hunk!

In addition to Westminster, February brings the Penn-Dutch Annual Meeting, and for once it was a beautiful day. Although this is supposed to be a people-only event (bah, humbug), Woody Manwiller reported that the people planned a lot of exciting events for the coming year and then had a tasty lunch. Penny would like to congratulate the new officers: Gail Hillard, President; Dave Simon, Vice President; and Jack Witt, Treasurer. We thank Jane Gill for her excellent performance as Treasurer and Nancy Coombs for her stellar service on the Board.

The Lancaster Kennel Club is going to try again to hold the Canine Connection (there was a scheduling problem last year). It's scheduled for noon 'til 5 on March 22nd at the Park City Mall. Call Gail Hillard at 717-397-5060 if you can participate (dogs usually have to be pre-registered).

Gail promises even more fiendishly clever dog games at this summer's Pyrenean Fun Day and Dave Simon will be doing some type of grooming workshop. There are walks, parties and lots of fun things coming up, with special attention being given to the Fall Regional Specialty which will celebrate 10 years of Penn-Dutch. Be on the lookout for interesting items for the auction and consider donating to the trophy fund.

See you soon.

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