Around Dutchland, November 1998

by Penny Pyrbred

It has been a really busy time in Dutchland since our last issue. The Pyrenean Fun Day under the inspired direction of Gail Hillard was again the highlight of the summer social season! It was a truly international event, attracting Penn-Dutchies Barry and Pat Denyer all the way from West Sussex in the south of England (alas, our English correspondent, Sasha Denyer, couldn't attend because of English quarantine laws) and Colette and Warrick Wilson from Ontario, Canada who WERE able to bring several Pyrs and Pyr Sheps from north of the border. The Canine Games were even more fiendishly clever than usual, the food was sensational and a great time was had by all (click here for photos).

Also from the summer, Penn-Dutchie Sue Worsham was on vacation out West and encountered a really dashing Pyr accompanying a "biker chick" in her sidecar. She sent us a really hilarious (photo).

September brought the Club's 10th Anniversary Specialty. A really stunning entry (again including the Wilsons and their Canadian Pyrs) thrilled the crowd. Cory Seigfried-Champion took top honors, with Babs Simon selected as Best of Opposite Sex.

Clondike Kintsfather, who was in the hospital with a reaction to chemotherapy during the Pyrenean Fun Day, was able to put in an apPyrance at the tailgate picnic and was entertained by two of her gentlePyr admirers--Barney Huggard from FL and Gunner Migas from NJ. Clondike was careful to divide her attention equally between these two great guys.

There were also a couple of dwarf Pyrs in attendance at the tailgate picnic (click here for photos) and these little guys attracted quite a lot of attention. A Club member is keeping them for study to help isolate the gene that causes dwarfism.

The people had a fun banquet with lots of good food and interesting auction items. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the hotel, the Penn-Dutch Pyrs threw a standout bash for our out-of-town guests. For a guy with bad knees, that Barney Huggard sure can dance! The hunky Jeff Simon may have had just a little too much to drink and had to be helped into his van by Dylan Simon (click here for photos).

Penny is very sad to mark the passing of two noble Pyrs. Lynda Kuykendall and Carolyn Hardy lost their Rocky (Balibasque Rock-A-Fella) and Barbara Bowes lost Princess (Balibasque Secret Success). The Club will miss these wonderful animals and we extend our sympathy to their families.

On a brighter note, we look forward to the Club's annual Holiday Party to be held December 5th at the Kiwanis Lodge in Lancaster Central Park. We Pyrs are allowed to participate fully this year, thus keeping the people in line. Penny hopes to see lots of Penn-Dutchies, fuzzy and otherwise, at this fun event.

With this, our annual Fall salute to Rescue, Penny wants to give a special thank-you to all the Penn-Dutchies who have contributed to the Rescue Fund, and to all those who have worked diligently to insure that Pyrs in need find good, loving homes. Pyr hugs to all!

See you soon.

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