Around Dutchland, July, 1996

by Penny Pyrbred

Well, folks, the 1996 National Specialty has come and gone, and it must have been quite a bash! The first evening there was an earthquake near Seattle which, even though it was some 200 miles north of the Specialty, could have been caused by too many people and Pyrs doing the Pyrenees Stomp.

The celebrating was so intense that no Penn-Dutch Pyr or person has yet recovered enough to give Penny a report. Fortunately Charlotte Perry managed to write up a summary for the National Capital newsletter. Congratulations to Timber Simon and Grady Coombs on receiving Awards of Merit. Maureen Simon was elected the new GPCA Secretary and Janet Ingram will be Asst. Secretary. Way to go, gang!

Penny is especially pleased to see some brags & boasts in this issue (finally) and extends her congratulations to Brutus and Bo. However, there are many other Penn-Dutch Pyrs whose owners should be bragging & boasting.

Penny will get the ball rolling by offering congratulations to Grady Coombs for his Group 4 placement at the Bryn Mawr KC show June 15th, and to Alaric Pavlechko and Schnook Worley for passing the Canine Good Citizen test (CGC) June 8th at the Nita-Nee Canine Good Citizen Day. Schnook, unfortunately, did not do quite so well at the Delaware Co. KC show June 2nd. Perhaps her mind was on romance. Penny eagerly awaits more details.

Things are shaping up for the fall Regional Specialty and Speakeasy (Barkeasy) party. Be sure to mark your calendars so you don't miss this blowout! Meanwhile, Penny hopes to see EVERYONE at the summer Pyrenean Fun Day on July 27th.

Bye for now.

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