Around Dutchland, October, 1996

by Penny Pyrbred

Wow! A lot has happened in Dutchland since our last issue. The Pyrenean Fun Day was a HUGE success, in large part due to the efforts of Gail Hillard, ably assisted by Bart Buckwalter. Penny would like to nominate Gail and Bart to be honorary Pyrs!

The weather cooperated with a relatively cool, sunny day and the new location within Lancaster Central Park provided even more shade than we have had in previous years. Dave Simon dispensed beauty tips non-stop, while Jane Gill introduced people and Pyrs to the mysteries of obedience (a new concept for many of the Pyrs). On balance, Penny suspects that Dave made a more lasting impact on the Pyrs than Jane, but this does not mean we Pyrs don't enjoy the attention and companionship involved in obedience training.

Following an excellent lunch, the humans actually got around to holding the canine games this year. A variety of events tested the dexterity, speed, and perseverance of BOTH Pyrs and their people. Penny's favorite remains the game requiring both Pyr and human to perform some of the basic obedience commands.

Over 70 people and nearly 40 Pyrs attended, and Penny has lost her notes so most will remain nameless. Clondike Kintsfather and Ms. PB Marple were senior bitches, indoctrinating a whole new generation of Penn-Dutch Pyrs in the subtleties of managing our humans. Conrad Gill, ever the gracious host, performed introductions and helped make sure everyone got plenty of mooched food.

photo by Sue Worsham

Leggo My Eggo Worsham (L) with a Pyr Friend

One of the most unusual canines present was a very friendly guy who looked like a heavily marked Pyr with an odd ear set, but turned out to be Sue Worsham's "junk yard dog" named Leggo My Eggo. He was great fun. Penny was most taken with a young gentlePyr named Murphy Nelson with a pronounced New England accent. At ten months old, he's a little young for Penny, but she predicts he's going to be a real heartbreaker among the Penn-Dutch bitches.

Murphy Nelson

The next big event of the year was the Penn-Dutch-sponsored GPCA Regional Specialty, held Sept. 14th at Macungie in conjunction with the Lehigh Valley KC show. It was a beautiful day and great fun was had by all. Even with 47 magnificent show dogs at ringside, the famous Rescue Pyr, Blizzard, was still able to attract a crowd when he stopped by with his new parents, Ed and Jean Bankowski. It was great to see him with his new family!

Show results are contained elsewhere in this issue, but Penny wants to extend a special congratulations to Grady Coombs for taking a Group 1st and making all us Pyrs very proud. He can really make a bitch swoon!

Schnook Worley was looking very pleased with herself, but is still very closed mouth about her romantic adventures. The results of Hannah Manwiller's activities are contained under Litter Announcements in the Pyr-A-Scoop. Way to go, girl!

The tailgate party after the show was a big success, but for the first time in Penn-Dutch history the people ran out of food (perhaps too much mooching going on by us Pyrs). An incredibly friendly Pyr named Majic Lamond worked the crowd at the pavilion and gained the humans' confidence so the rest of us could sneak a bite here and there. As if Majic wasn't distraction enough, Patricia Princehouse (one of our out-of-town guests) brought three 6 week-old puppies which were actually encouraged to wander up and down the tables, greeting the people and sampling what food there was left. We sure are cute at that age!

Patricia Princehouse Introduces Puppies at Tailgate Party

During the afternoon Patrick Alleman and another Pyr put on a wonderful show over at the obedience ring. They didn't win many points, but they were the top crowd pleasers and enjoyed the afternoon immensely.

In the evening the people held a "Speakeasy" with plenty of food and an auction, while we Pyrs held a "Barkeasy" at an undisclosed location in the hotel. A great time was had by all!! Kudos to Show Chairs Dianne Migas and Barbara Bowes!

On a sad note, Penny must mark the passing of three Penn-Dutch Pyrs. Stephanie Alleman lost Sekhet and Alaric. Many may remember Sekhet as the star of the 1994 Dave Simon grooming video, and also as a former cover Pyr in the Pyr-A-Scoop. She was a sweetie and will be sadly missed. Penny didn't know Alaric Alleman Pyrsonally, but we join Stephanie in mourning the loss of her two furry companions. She is comforted by Patrick, and a host of things called "Tibbies," which she assures Penny are dogs, even though the name sounds like a type of dog munchy.

The Simons lost the magnificent Timber, a consummate show dog who won the National Specialty in 1992, but also one of the most gracious gentlePyrs of recent memory. Virtually every Penn-Dutchie who has ever been to a dog show knew Timber, and many had the opportunity to visit with him at ringside. He will be missed by people and Pyrs alike.

Looking ahead, the fall Walk-in-the-Woods will be coming up about the time you get this issue, and promises to be a great outing. In November, obedience guru Jane Gill has organized a workshop which should help owners to improve the human-Pyr interaction.

December brings the annual holiday party, which this year for the first time may include us Pyrs. Keep an eye out for a flyer with all the details. Penny thinks the addition of Pyrs to this celebration can only make a fun event even better. We may also be able to keep the people in line and prevent any future situations involving strippers!

See you soon!

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