Around Dutchland, December, 1996

by Penny Pyrbred

As those of you who read the last issue will realize, my chubby friend, Clondike Kintsfather, is something of a hypochondriac. Imagine everyone's surprise when during her routine exam her vet found she had a heart murmur. Fortunately a cardiologist has given her a clean bill of health, but she had her parents really worried for a while. Penny suspects she may have been overdoing the brussels sprouts in butter.

And speaking of brussels sprouts, you should have seen Clondike zoom through the obstacles at the Penn-Dutch agility workshop when baited with sprouts (click here for photos). Weird! This enjoyable day of human-Pyr interaction was organized by the Divine Ms. Jane (Gill) and led by Cindy Paulus of Paws to Learn Dog Training in Allentown. Ten Penn-Dutch Pyrs and their people got a refresher in basic obedience and then got to play on an Olympic grade agility course!! Whee!

Conrad Gill and Caela Correll had some agility experience and helped the others improve their technique. Of the novices, the standout was the amazing Majic Lamond. This guy is so agile and cooperative, it's hard to believe he is a Pyr (let me count those dew claws, fella). He was really outstanding and looked like he had been doing agility for some time. He did have a little trouble learning to play soccer, though.

Pyrs wanting more of a workout can call Cindy to see about lessons (610-432-1144), or they might want to consider the Berks County Dog Training Club's Agility Seminar coming up in March.

The Penn-Dutch Holiday Party was a great success this year and the Pyrs all enjoyed sharing their party with the humans. We will report on this event in the next issue, when the Pyrs have gotten their photos back and their stories straight.

Entries in the 1997 photo contest will be on display in the Penn-Dutch booth at the Canine Learning Experience, and at other Penn-Dutch functions throughout the year.

See you soon.

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