Around Dutchland, July 1997

by Penny Pyrbred

Not a lot has been going on in Dutchland since the last issue. Penny hopes everyone has been keeping cool, enjoying the summer and getting ready for the Pyrenean Fun Day.

Penny is pleased to report that when the dust settled and the bills were all paid for the National Specialty the National Capital GPC made a very generous contribution to Rescue!! Way to go, folks! Apparently the clean-up expenses from the Pyrenees Ball didn't eat into the proceeds as much as Penny had feared.

Looking ahead, Penn-Dutch is planning a Fall Fun Match for September 27th at the Coombs' farm in Gettysburg (information and directions elsewhere in this issue). After Clondike Kintsfather tried to eat all the competition in the spay/neuter class two years ago, Penny wasn't sure the people would be brave enough to try this again. Clondike has promised to be good this year, and only chomp an ear here and there (Clondike watches entirely too much TV).

For those unfamiliar with this event, a fun match is an opportunity to learn about showing and to allow us Pyrs to socialize. Any Pyr can be entered (there will be a spay/neuter class), but fun matches are generally for dogs that have not yet obtained their first official point in an AKC show. The competition is very low key and no one expects the people to perform like professional handlers or the Pyrs to perform like champions.

Even people who never plan to show can learn a lot at a fun match and it gives those stay-at-home "pet" Pyrs a chance to strut their stuff and schmooze with their friends. So, Penny hopes to see lots of Penn-Dutchies there. More details of Fun Match activities will be available at the Pyrenean Fun Day, July 26th, or you can call Dianne Migas at 908-477-2489.

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