Introducing Ms. Abigail

In March of 2001 we were asked to "foster" a 3 1/2 year-old Pyr girl named Abbey and evaluate her for some reported problems with territorial aggression. Within 24 hours she had stolen our hearts, and while we worked with her for 6 months before we signed the papers, she knew she was adopted by day 2.

We changed her call name to Abigail (part of her registered name) to try to leave "Bad Abbey" behind. Now, after almost a year with us, she still hates bicyclists and is selectively dog aggressive, but she is making progress and has settled in nicely to life in our quite little town. Sweet Abigail is well on her way to replacing Bad Abbey.

David and Nancy Kintsfather

photo by Julia Campbell

Abigail the majestic!

photo by Julia Campbell

Abigail waiting to threaten the postman.

Abigail on Spring Break 2002 in Tenafly, NJ.

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