In Memoriam

Clondike Blanche Neige, CGC, VA
Nov. 5, 1987 - Feb. 8, 2001

Clondike lived a long and rewarding life, approaching each day and each new challenge with boundless enthusiasm. She was a "Canine Good Citizen" long before receiving the official recognition from the American Kennel Club.

At age 9 1/2 she began a career as a Therapy Dog, making monthly visits to a local nursing home and occasional visits to a Special Education class at the local high school. In 1998 she was selected Hero of the Year by the Tails on Wheels pet therapy group in Texas for her bravery in continuing her therapy work while undergoing chemotherapy for lymphoma.

She managed to live for 32 months after being diagnosed with canine lymphoma, sustaining a third remission that lasted for over 20 months, something of a record for dogs treated with this particular rescue protocol. Clondike finally had to be euthanized for a combination of medical problems which essentially signaled that her body was wearing out from old age. An x-ray taken 4 days before she died showed no obvious cancer, so it is fair to say she was a cancer survivor!

Clondike was named a Versatility Ambassador by the Great Pyrenees Club of America for her therapy work and participation in various public education activities. She was able to attend the Lehigh Valley Kennel Club's Canine Learning Experience on January 27th and the photo above was taken that evening, reluctantly modeling a hat presented to her by one of the vendors.

Clondike had friends all over the world and I am told she received several votes for "Pyr of the Century" during a poll conducted in December of 1999. Cindy Henke, one of her fans from Texas, wrote that "Clondike exhibited her charm and attractiveness both by her appearance and her character! She taught us how to live life to its fullest, with charm." She was a Pyr of a lifetime and will be greatly missed!

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