My Life as a Rescue Dog, Ch. 2

by Clondike Kintsfather

For those who missed Chapter 1, here's a brief review. I came to live in Topton, PA in October, 1988, after spending my first few months with a nice family in Staten Island, NY. I had to leave them because I was growing too big for their house and the Mom was allergic to me. So I was more rescued than adopted. My first family spoiled me by making me bacon and eggs for breakfast among other things.

My new family spoils me too, but so far, no bacon and eggs! I am almost 6 years old now and we are all comfortably used to each other. I am a spayed obedience school drop-out, but still manage to charm the neighbors in daily walks around town. I participated in the GPCA survey on rescue/pet store dogs and supplied much info on my background, as well as a pin-up photo of myself. I try to keep up my social calendar with attendance at the Penn-Dutch Fun Match each summer and at the Canine Learning Experience each January. My family tries to broaden my horizons by taking me wherever I'm allowed (species discrimination is rampant!).

Visiting my owner's Mom in D.C. is an adventure because I get to stay in a motel (Mom K. only has a one-bedroom apartment). Maids and room service -- wow! Still no bacon and eggs, though. Another fun event is the Kutztown U. Renaissance Fair each spring. I have attended several and spend a great deal of time educating the public as to what a Great Pyrenees is. This year I had a traumatic experience there, however. I didn't know they would be demonstrating cannons -- noise and terror! I am now afraid of loud noises, especially thunder, but my anaylst and I are working through it. Stay tuned for Chapter 3 in a future Pyr-A-Scoop to find out if I conquer this fear.

(Note: I submitted my own version of Chapter 1 a few years ago and the editors chose to print Mom's version instead. Now that Daddy's the editor I get to tell my side of the story. I've got Daddy wrapped around my little dewclaw.)

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