My Life as a Rescue Dog, Ch. 4

by Clondike Kintsfather

Penny tells me several people were disappointed that I didn't file a report in last year's Rescue issue. Not much has been happening now that I've got my family trained to cater to my every desire, but so as not to disappoint my public, here is the latest.

I will be 9 in November and my people are becoming very solicitous of my health. Back when I was 6 my favorite vet, Dr. Jamie, noticed something amiss with my blood test and put me on a special dog food called "kidney diet." The folks were concerned about how I would like this stuff, but it's mostly fat and is VERY tasty, problem! I have now had three "perfect" blood tests and my folks are very pleased (like I had to study, or something).

My next medical problem occurred a little over a year ago and involved a little cyst on my paw. Now I knew it was just an irritated hair follicle, but the people seemed very concerned and Dr. Jamie wanted it removed. This began a very bizarre week in my life as a dog.

They took me back to the vet's office where everyone made a big fuss over me, and then gave me these GREAT drugs that made everything go fuzzy. After a while I came to in a world of amazing colors and shapes. Daddy was there and gave me a big hug, and then I vaguely remember being helped out to the car and into my crate.

Next thing I know, I'm still in the crate, but I'm being carried high above the ground like some royal potentate in a sedan chair. Whee--this is neat!

The next thing I remember is Daddy trying to coax me up and out through the front of my car crate, which seemed crazy because the door is at the back. The crate also seemed to be in the middle of the living room, which was a little strange (click here for photo). I'm afraid I wasn't very cooperative.

What really snapped me back to clarity was the arrival of the mail. That sneaky letter carrier thought she could invade my territory just because I was a little dopey. HA! I showed her! The bandage on my paw didn't even slow me down.

This summer I came down with a bad sinus condition that gunked up my throat and sent my people into conniptions. To complicate matters, Dr. Jamie decided to have a baby at just the wrong time, so I got to see my old friend, Dr. Sammons, who gave me my puppy examination many years ago. She seemed glad to see me and checked me over very carefully. She says I have an allergy and will have to take an antihistamine at least until cold weather.

Well, this helped a lot, but I still have days when it is hard to swallow and I have a headache. People complain about their sinuses, but think how much bigger ours are! The good part of this is that I am milking it for all it's worth with the people. One little cough and I can get extra treats and lots of petting, which I am coming to appreciate more as I get older.

Just this week my people took me to an event called a Halloween Parade. At first this was fun, because there were about 1,000 people lining the streets of Topton, and just about every one wanted to pet me and hear all about my life history. My folks tried to convince people I was a kid in a dog suit with a cleverly hidden zipper, but I was much too magnificent for anyone to buy this story.

After awhile, something called bands began to play loud music with lots of booms which reminded me of the cannon that freaked me out at the Renaissance Faire a few years ago. I am much better these days, but I decided this Halloween thing wasn't really for me, so Daddy took me home.

That's about it for now. There is a rumor that I might go to the National Specialty this coming year and participate in something called a Canine Good Citizenship test. Sounds interesting, and if it's anything like a blood test, I've got it made!

My best to all the Penn-Dutch people and Pyrs, and a special greeting to the Rescue dogs. This Rescue thing can work out to be a pretty cushy deal!

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