My Life as a Rescue Dog, Ch. 6

by Clondike Kintsfather

As I write this it is just a couple of hours after I returned from a veterinary exam that involved an attack on my anal sacs, so I'm sure the Pyrs will understand if this report is fairly short (now where can I get another pillow?).

This has been a stressful year in my life as a dog. I'll take things chronologically. Shortly after my last report the humans had the Penn-Dutch Holiday Party, and Ms. Weezie Gill and I were the only Pyrs allowed inside the hall to supervise the festivities--quite a responsibility. That Weezie is quite a girl and was a big help in keeping things orderly. I understand that this year all the Pyrs can join in the fun and share the responsibility to keep the humans in line.

I didn't attend the National Specialty this year, but Dad went, and while he was away I decided to try lugeing down the basement stairs on my tummy. My aim was a little off and I fell over the edge of the steps about halfway down--really scaring Mom. I admit it didn't go exactly as I'd envisioned it, but I shook myself off and seemed to be OK. I'm told Molly Bowes has also practiced this sport, so maybe it should be added to the Fiendishly Clever Canine Games at the Pyrenean Fun Day.

In May a routine veterinary exam turned serious when I was diagnosed with something called lymphoma (lymph cancer). While I didn't feel bad, the folks were very concerned about me and have been taking me to a whole bunch of new vets who have poked, prodded and injected me with various things, none of which is a problem if they'd just leave the anal sacs alone!

While I'm not sure how it is related to all this, I have had several bouts of being very sick at my stomach and vomiting, but I'm much better now. The most disappointing episode was in July when I was looking forward to attending the Penn-Dutch Fun Day with the mysterious Glacier as my escort (he kept sending me mash notes by e-mail).

A human couple who talked real funny came to visit Mom and Dad and made a big fuss over me. I liked them right away, but I was feeling really sick and the next day, the humans took me to Willow Creek Animal Hospital (my regular clinic) where they admitted me for the first time in my life. This was the beginning of the most bizarre and uncomfortable week of my life. The first night the only room available was in the cat ward, and I know I was pretty woozy, but I THINK I heard the cats plotting to take over the world!

By the second day they moved me out into the treatment area where I could keep an eye on things, and where all 12 vets and 20-some technicians could fawn over me. The folks visited me a couple of times a day, often accompanied by the funny-talking humans from across the pond (I later learned these were Sasha's folks, Barry and Pat Denyer). This was nice, but it was several days before I was feeling well enough to appreciate it.

My old friend, Dr. Jamie, was on duty when the staff decided I wasn't up to attending the Fun Day. I was really disappointed, but I trusted Dr. Jamie's judgment. Meanwhile the Denyers and Daddy had various opportunities to try to walk me while I was still hooked up to the IV. This also could be a challenging addition to the Canine Games, but I don't recommend it.

Well, I'm back home now, snorfing up Chinese herbs and various supplements like crazy and getting lots of attention. I was able to attend the tailgate after the Penn-Dutch Regional in September, and had to be very careful to divide my attention equally between two of my most ardent admirers, the dreamy Gunner Migas and the hunky Barney Huggard (AKA Barney Babe). Neither of these gallant gentlePyrs seemed to mind the various shaved places I'm sporting from various medical tests (click here for photos). We had a great time!

Lots of humans stopped by to say "Hi" and inquire about my health--many also offering treats. Because of certain medication having to be taken on an empty stomach, I had to decline. I have gained back the weight I lost in the hospital, so unfortunately I'm now back on reduced calories to try to maintain my girlish figure.

I'm really sorry I missed meeting Glacier, and I hope we can get together sometime in the future. There is a rumor that next week a Pyr named Jean-Luc is coming all the way from Nashville to see me. I'm also maintaining my schedule of therapy visits at the local nursing home (where I'm always a big hit), so I'm keeping busy and lead a pretty active social life for a girl who will be 11 by the time you read this.

I'd like to thank all the Penn-Dutchies who have supported Rescue this year and suggest that every Club member take a Rescue Dog to lunch (I still have a few dates available). I hope to see lots of my human and Pyr friends at the Holiday Party. It promises to be even more fun this year with full Pyr involvement.

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