My Life as a Rescue Dog, Ch. 8

by Clondike Kintsfather

As regular readers of the Pyr-A-Scoop will remember, I was diagnosed with canine lymphoma back in May of 1998 and had several rounds of chemotherapy which made me quite sick. Well, thanks to some inspired vets, I've managed to stay in remission for nearly 20 months since my last chemo and thoroughly enjoy the trips to the various vets who monitor my progress.

I was 13 on November 5th, so I'm becoming something of a Pyrenean senior citizen. At the Holiday Party some of the young bitches even called me "ma'am," but they didn't stand too close when they said it! My arthritis bothers me a fair amount on damp days, but the folks are good about giving me a butt boost when necessary. I continue to enjoy patrolling the neighborhood and keeping it UPS truck-free.

Back in March the folks took me visiting friends and relatives in Virginia on what they dubbed Clondike's Southern Tour 2000 (humans are weird). In any case, I got to meet a brave little sheltie named Hoover who was also fighting lymphoma. Then we went to Radford where I met a lot of wonderful Pyrs and that nice Janet Ingram tried to set me up with a blind date with a 10 year-old stud she had just adopted. Unfortunately we didn't make a love connection, but I had a great time!

The social highlight of my year was in July when my Barney Babe (Barney Huggard) came up from Florida and brought his two new Rescue brothers, Rudy and Woody. The Huggard boys are lots of fun and we had a great time. Hearing that I haven't been eating as well as I should, Barney even shared his special kibble.

Speaking of the eating thing, the folks just have no clue. I was off my feed back in the Summer when I was on antibiotics, but now I just like to see how long it takes them to trot down to the Topton Hotel and buy me a Delmonico steak sandwich. I've got them up to once a week so far!

I was able to attend the Pyrenean Fun Day last Summer, but I must admit it was a little frustrating not to be able to participate in the canine games. I actually managed to attend my first Walk in the Woods this Fall and had a great time without having to actually walk anywhere. That Joseph Lamoureaux, Jr. was so nice to keep cooking me hot dogs. He also came across with some treats and a big hug at the Holiday Party.

Best wishes to all the Penn-Dutch Pyrs and their people. This Rescue thing can be a pretty cushy deal if you play your cards right.

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